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Duo Macke-Bornauw in ball

In 2008 Birgit Bornauw, one of the best bagpipe players of her generation in Belgium, met the talented French accordionist Benjamin Macke to form this duo around traditional music. Inseparable since there, they have multiplied meetings to offer this folk ball with a varied repertoire that they share with great generosity. When the powerful and warm sound of the Flemish bagpipe meets the sometimes delicate and sometimes disheveled playing of the diatonic accordion...

Since 2015, they have also offered a Quartet combo with a rhythm section that is both talented and at the service of dance.



Birgit Bornauw : Flemish bagpipe

Benjamin Macke : diatonic accordion


Aurélien Tanghe : doublebass

Jo Zanders or Théophile Demarcq : percussion

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